What To Do If You Are Experiencing Electrical Issues

Electricity is a very powerful source.  The concept for electricity first came for the power of lighting and other naturally generated electrical charges.  When we started to expand on our technology, we were able to harness the power of electricity and channel it safely for general consumption and use.  When this occurred, professional electrician near Savannah, GA companies started servicing people who were using power creating an entire industry.

Call for help

Electricity is something that most people shouldn’t mess with.  If your power goes out or if you are having issues with an electrical device, make sure you call for help.  There are trained professionals that know how to work with and control electricity so that they don’t get shocked.

Unplug everything

Before you touch any area that conducts electricity make sure that you unplug it from an outlet as well as remove any transportable power sources such as batteries from the device.  After unplugging the device make sure to give it a few minutes to discharge any built up or storied power that might remain.  Some devices will have a temporary batter that will still supply power or will manipulate power in such a way that it could still be live. 

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Stay away from damp or wet surfaces

Water is a conductor of electricity.  When water and electricity mix, the electricity will travel through the entire body of water in an unknown and random pattern.  As a result anyone in contact with the water could be shocked or otherwise electrocuted.

Make sure you are grounded

You want to make sure that you are grounded.  Touching metal surfaces or other surfaces that have been found to conduct electricity can be very dangerous.  You will also want to wear rubber on your shoes and in gloves.  Rubber is a non-conductive material that will block electricity and electrical charges from flowing through it.